Top Most Usable Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment

The food industry is a booming industry as more and more people are attracted to the varied cuisines served to them by the different restaurants, café, bars, and food outlets. The business owners should make sure that they provide the best quality, tasty and hygienic food to their customers. 

To maintain the quality of the food served, they should maintain a good and hygienic commercial kitchen.

Types of Equipment Used in Commercial Kitchens:

There are various types of processes used while preparing food. Each type of process requires specialized machines and equipment for making it easy and fast. The commercial kitchens need to have the proper wholesale catering supplies

There are various additional equipment essential in commercial kitchens for cooking, storing, washing, serving, etc. The different essential equipment required in the commercial kitchen based on different categories includes:

Essential Equipment for Commercial Kitchen

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Cooking Equipment

For cooking food, various types of equipment are required based on the process used. One of the most common cooking equipment is Oven. The oven is required for baking, cooking, heating, etc. 

The owner can select from the conventional, commercial, combination, conveyer, or pizza type of oven based on their requirement. The other equipment includes burners, grills, girdles, deep fryers, etc.

2. Refrigeration

Material like meat, dairy products, etc. needs cold storage. Thus for these types of products the commercial kitchen should have a refrigerator, freezer, ice maker, etc. for the relevant materials. 

3. Benchtop Equipment

There are different types of accessory equipment required for making the process easy. These include food processors that help on multipurpose like chopping, blending, mixing, etc. used for milkshakes, juices, smoothies, and purees. 

Choppers and slicers are required for cutting different materials like fruits, vegetables, meat. etc. Grills and toasters are essential for making sandwiches and toasts. 

4. Dishwashers 

In commercial kitchens, the food is made in very high quantities. This also increases the washing load. Using the dishwasher helps in easing the washing load. There are different types of dishwashers based on their function. These include the under-bench dishwashers that help in proper space management. 

A different glasswasher is required specifically for the delicate glass material. Other washers include the pass-through and rack conveyor for efficiency, pot and utensil washer, etc. 

5. Kitchen Benches 

The most important part of the commercial kitchen is the kitchen benches. The different important uses of these benches include for the preparation of the food, food storage, placement of the commercial sink, drying rack, shelves, utility carts, food trolleys, etc. 

The kitchen bench for food preparation should have an adequate design for allowing its maximum utilization. 

6. Food Storage

Different types of food storage containers are essential in commercial kitchens. The different materials stored at this place include the storage of bulk raw materials and ingredients, prepared food, etc. 

The different types of food storage systems include ingredient bins, storage containers, preservation jars, etc.

7. Sink and Drying Racks 

The sinks are useful for washing hands and utensils while working in the kitchen. The drying racks provide a convenient space to place the utensils, crockery, cookware, etc. for drying. These racks are generally beside the dishwasher to allow ease of handling. 

8. Trolleys and Utility Carts 

In commercial kitchens, they need utility carts for various purposes like food service trolleys, dish trolleys, clearing trolleys, cutlery trolleys, food preparation trolleys, etc. 

9. Storage Racks and Shelves 

There are different types of things available in the kitchen and need to be stored properly and handy. Thus there should be proper racks and shelves for properly arranging all the necessary materials. 

These shelves and racks should be made from adequate material and should prevent microbial growth and help in keeping the food safe and hygienic

10. Safety Equipment 

The commercial kitchens have many people working at a time. It is essential to maintain safety while working at this place. 

The different safety equipment that must be present in the kitchen includes the fire extinguishers, first aid kits, signboard for wet floors, rubber floor mats, aprons, oven mitts, goggles, hairnets, etc. 

The use of the safety equipment ensures that the employees working maintain hygienic conditions to keep the food hygienic. 

11. Serving Vessels 

The commercial kitchen needs various serving ware like plates, spoons, forks, cups, glasses, ramekins, etc. for serving their customers. There should be sufficient stock of these vessels to serve a large number of customers at a time.

12. Packaging Containers

The commercial kitchens also provide food delivery. For this, they need to have disposable food containers. They can provide the food to their takeaway customers in these disposable containers. 

Bottom Line

For enhancing and improving the food business, the owner should have all the facilities in their commercial kitchen to make their functioning easier. There are many small but important pieces of equipment that make the process of preparing and serving food better, safe, and hygienic.