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    4 products

    One of the Prominent Leading Juice Bottle Suppliers in the UK

    At London Catering Supplies, we supply plastic juice bottles composed of high-quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET), durable yet lightweight and recyclable material at wholesale rate in the UK. PET plastic juice bottles have crystal clear clarity, making them an excellent packaging option for displaying colorful fruit juice and soft beverages. Fruit juices, health smoothies, cordials, detox blends, and other soft drinks work well in these plastic bottles. Showcase your delicious, beautiful beverages in our clear plastic bottles to tempt your customers. We customize the size and shape of the bottle according to your requirements. Thus, you can get unique bottles for your product for better branding. 

    Plastic Juice Bottles with Caps at Wholesale Price in your Budget

    You might choose to add a tamper-evident coloured juice bottle cap to each plastic juice bottle. We offer both single and wholesale quantities to meet your unique requirement. If your business is still expanding, you can increase the quantity of your order to match the pace of your order. 

    Why Order Juice Bottle from London Catering Supplies-

    1. Being the leading plastic juice bottle wholesale seller in the UK, we offer the finest quality bottles for better and sustainable packing. 

    2. For affordable supply, order juice bottles in wholesale quantities.

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