Aluminium Foil Containers & Lids

26 products

    26 products
    No1 Board Lid
    No2 Board Lid
    No6a Board Lid
    6x8 Board Lid
    7x9 Board Lid
    9x9 Board Lids

    Lightweight & Sustainable Aluminium Foil Containers for Food Storage

    We all know aluminum foil containers are great. But first, let's acquire this amazing foil containers with lids! With one of these, you can now take your bento box or sushi more safely to work or simply stack 'em in your kid's lunchbox!

    Cut down on clean-up with one of our reusable Foil Containers. Made from quality aluminum foil, these containers are a convenient alternative to disposable dishes and served great for parties, picnics, and family occasions. Our wide selection of foil takeaway containers ensures you get a secure leakproof lid, with no mess, dripping, or spilling.

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