The Ultimate Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

Your restaurant kitchen needs to be the best equipped in order to thrive. The success of a great restaurant or café depends upon their kitchen. Restaurants invest a large sum of money on maintaining their kitchen supplies and equipment.

For any highly efficient kitchen and further smooth functioning of it, the restaurants need essential equipment and catering and groceries in their kitchen.

In short, three things – the equipment, grocery, disposable food containers , and catering supplies will determine how smoothly your kitchen and restaurant business will function.

If you’re planning to open a new restaurant business in London, then this blog will assist you to prepare your own checklist of the necessary equipment. For grocery and catering related materials you can rely on our catering shop in London.

List of Essential Kitchen Equipment:

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Commercial Refrigerators

Refrigerators increase the life span of your ingredients and keep them fresh for long. A commercial refrigerator is the most important equipment in your kitchen. Investing in a good one is necessary.

Check your restaurant’s need to determine the right size and capacity of the refrigerator you will require. Prep refrigerators with countertops mounted on them are useful for the kitchen use and merchandise refrigerators for customers to use.

2. Ice Machine

To get a constant supply of ice you will need an ice machine in your restaurant. This will enable you to constantly supply cold drinks to your customers. These machines are quite useful in preparing blended ice drinks like – smoothies, slush, mocktails and cocktails.

3. Commercial Grill

Commercial grill is a must needed equipment for your café or restaurant’s kitchen to grill steaks, pancakes or burgers.

4. Oven

Whether your requirement is more of a conventional oven or a convection oventhe fact remains true that every café and restaurant kitchen needs an oven for bakery purposes.

Pizza oven differs in size and can include brick ovens, deck ovens and conveyor ovens. Depending upon the type of food you’re going to prepare you can choose the specific oven type.

5. Cookware

Cookware is an important part of your essential kitchen equipment checklist. The kind of cookware you will need depends upon the cuisine served in your restaurant. General cookware items that are required – baking pans, pots and pans, whisks, ladles, spatulas, etc.

6. Linens

Various towels, rags are required to keep your kitchen clean and handle hot equipment.

7. Deep Fryer

Deep frying is required in lots of recipes so, a deep fryer is essential kitchen equipment.

8. Shelving

For dry storage of items you will need shelvingIt can be also used to store delicate items like – bottles, plates, glasses, etc.

9. A Point of Sale System and a Printer

This will help you keep track of the orders and transactionsWaiting staff can use it to communicate effectively with the kitchen staff in your restaurant.

10. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment are essential and you will need to stock up all the required safety equipment in your kitchen.

In the End 

Equipment is crucial for your restaurant business if you aim to run it effectively get yourself the best tools and equipment. Stock all the required grocery items. Order from us as we are the best wholesale cafe food suppliers.

Get the equipment that’s best in your trade and suits your staff’s need. Though be mindful of your budget too.