The Importance of Color in Product Packaging Design

When we think of some of the most popular packaging designs, we can see the popular brands, their logos, and the color of their packages. We can very easily associate the colors with different products and brands. Attractive and meaningful colors of packaging can leave a strong first impression on the consumers. Color psychology is important in packaging and the choice of poor colors can leave a negative and fading impact.

Colors Impart Emotions

Emotions are the first things that you can associate with colors. Different colors express different emotions. For instance, the blue color is associated with calmness, serenity, and intelligence whereas the red color is associated with anger and fierceness. Green is in general associated with Earth and black brings in a ting of elegance. White as we all know stands for equality and innocence. To gain a competitive edge in the market, many food packaging companies in the UK are employing a team of experts for the selection of colors to be used in packaging to provide a better user experience. Colors can give away the right message. Your color and design of your package can make you look classy, quirky, conservative, or funny. 

The Appearance of Colors Differ in Light

While colors can be associated with some definite emotions, their shade and appearance are different in a different environment. Color management is very important if you are displaying the packaging in a display section. The light in the area and colors in the environment will determine the impact of the colors of the packaging. The red color will appear bright red under the sun whereas, in the sunset or the closed environment in the evening, it may appear as dark red color. To give out the same look to the packaging you need to establish certain controls in the environment.

Choosing the Right Color Pallet creates Right Impact

You simply cannot choose your favorite colors for the packaging. Color pallet selection requires intense thought processing and examination. Color preference for packaging is also based on the sex and age of your target audience. For instance, the pink colors are most favored for girls cloths whereas blue for young boys. Consumers can instantly connect with some of the colors. The modern approach is minimalism in contrast to the 90s era which was blatant. Both the color patterns are minimalistic but the tone and combination of color are different. Earlier bland colors were used with loud designs. Today, You can have only brown packaged with black labels and tapes to add elegance to your packaging. Color selection is important to resonate with the mindset of consumers. The color combination of packaging can set aside your brand name and image. 

Another important aspect is using the right tone of the color to stay agile and different. Blue may be the safest color to use in association with the sky but simply using blue may appear to be monotonous and expected. To stay different, a mix of shades of blue can be used. The interesting color combination can attract consumers and fuel the sale of your product. 

Consumers Pay More for Better Packaging

Good packaging can compel the consumer to buy a costlier product. Colors and design form the visual aesthetics of any product. Many products, especially the ones which are bought for gifting purposes are bought by the consumers largely based on their looks. Consumers are ready to pay extra for the products that convey their emotions. Let's say that if a consumer wants to buy gifts for kids, they would look for product packaging that appears to be attractive, colorful, and lively. The same consumer may purchase a package that is colored in monochrome and dark colors for elderly people. 

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