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Wholesale Suppliers of Disposable Food Containers in London, UK

Customers like takeaways and prefer online food ordering. Thus, making better packaging solutions vital for good customer service. Your restaurant should be able to meet the growing demand for takeaways. Our leakproof food packaging containers are good and reliable for packing both hot or cold food items.

We are the best food packaging suppliers in the UK, offering a complete range of packaging solutions in the form of – satco plastic containers, aluminium containers, disposable microwave containers, polystyrene, pizza boxes, biodegradable products, bags, wrapping materials, cardboard containers, paper cups and lids.

Get Food Packaging Containers in Different sizes and Color

Takeaways are indeed a convenient option and with the emerging trend of online food ordering, people are looking for sustainable and reliable offerings. A wide range of disposable food containers is available in different sizes and prices that suits your requirement.

UK's Trusted Food Packaging Company for instant Food Packaging Solutions

London Catering Supplies is a UK's trusted Food Packaging Company offers custom packaging solutions for all the food items, either hot or cold. Match your customer’s expectations by offering them better packaging for their takeaways. Most of these packaging solutions are leakproof.

Our products allow greater convenience in carrying food from the restaurant’s kitchen to the consumer’s home.


1. What is bagasse packaging?

Bagasse box is created from sugarcane squander material. It is a dry and thick build-up left behind when sugarcane stalks are squashed. These containers are normally compostable and reasonable for hot, wet, and slick food sources, offering better execution than paper or EPS reciprocals.

2. What are the different types of food packaging?

  • Metal-based food bundling is accessible on the lookout, like walled-in areas, jars, holders.  
  • Paper is normally utilized for dry food or wet-greasy food varieties. 
  • Glass is quite possibly the most reliable and least poisonous material for bundling food and beverages. 
  • Plastic is utilized in bottles, bowls, plates, cups, etc.

3. What are the takeaway boxes made up of?

They are produced using extended polystyrene (EPS) froth, or another sort of polystyrene froth, and created by infusing the froth into a form. They are generally white in shading, even though they might be printed or dazzled with an organization logo or other message.

4. What is the most eco-friendly food packaging?

Plant-based biodegradable is probably the most famous eco-accommodating food bundling alternative available today.

5. Where can I buy food packaging supplies?

You can get the best food packaging supplies from London Catering supplies; we offer the best products that are environment friendly as well. You can easily visit our website for purchases.