Thanksgiving Catering Foods Ideas: How to Select The Best Foods

As we hear of thanksgiving, delicious food is the first thing that comes in our mind. We have always associated our favorite and most delicious recipes with thanksgiving. With thanksgiving arriving every year, we run out of menu ideas. What is it that you can add this time? Should it be healthy or innovative? Hosting a thanksgiving can be a stressful job. This is the reason many people are now opting for outsourcing their dinner. We are one of the leading restaurant food suppliers in UK who can make your thanksgiving catering experience worthwhile. Outsourcing is a great option to enjoy your holidays with special meal packages. These packages are laden with the thanksgiving classics as well as the innovations to fuel spark to the traditional celebrations.

There are many benefits that come with ordering food for special occasions. Besides saving your time and efforts, you can get the food in interesting and sustainable packages. Also, you will get a wide range of food items to select from and decide the menu according to your budget. You can add the tinge of tasty drinks by connecting with catering suppliers like us who are also one of the established wholesale soft drinks suppliers in UK.

Even if we outsource, the idea of selecting the food items is going to hang over in our mind. You can decide to outsource some food and make the classic ones yourself. We have jotted down some thanksgiving food ideas to make your occasion more special and memorable.

Catering Food Ideas

1. Select the Turkey

You can choose to think that the turkey would be available on thanksgiving as it is a key ingredient to be placed in the menu but so would many others. As the thanksgiving nears, the rush for turkey will undoubtedly increase. To save last minute surprises, you can always explore the online and local grocery stores which sell the best turkey. Order your turkey in advance to stay relaxed.

2. Keep it Simple with Vegetarian Dishes

The vegan and vegetarian trend is picking up pace and you may have family members and guests who would like to go vegetarian. Having some vegetarian options in the menu would be a great move. You can show your support to your friends and colleagues by preparing some pure vegetarian dishes.  Mushroom smells of specialty when it comes to vegetarians.  You can make a mushroom spinach Risotto, or Pumpkin Alfredo with Mushrooms. Other options are green bean casserole, and gorgonzola and pear cheese tart.

3. Keep Some Easy to Cook Dishes in the Menu

We are generally prepared for the event and falling short of food is a rare occasion. But what if the food is spilled by mistake or someone suddenly turns up. Having no food for someone will be greatest disaster. You can have a list of easy to cook recipes with you. You can go for:

  • Creme and cheese macroni
  • Roasted root vegetables
  • Mashed potatoes with roasted veggies
  • Blistered green beans
  • Brussels sprouts with Bacon

You can prepare these food items in less than an hour. Keep these easy recipes in your thanksgiving catering list.

4. Add Health to your Thanksgiving

The world is growing conscious of the calorie intake. People want health benefits in whatever they do and eat. While many choose to give away their diet for one day, there can be many who refrain from indulging on thanksgiving. You can have a health infused menu this time. The menu can include Turkey breast roasted in herbs, herbed wild rice with quinoa stuffing, and roasted potatoes again with herbs. All the ingredients here offer health without compromising on taste.

You can make this thanksgiving a memorable one without compromising on any aspect of taste and choice. Create the thanksgiving food menu well in advance to ensure that you get all the ingredients in time. You can take care of individual food preferences to take your festivities to the next level. We are one of the leading foods and drinks suppliers in UK. You can get all sorts of drinks including alpro soya products for professionals with us. Get in touch with us today to get the most interesting deals.