Food Packaging Design Tips and its Importance

Disposable food containers are the core materials of the packaging industry. Almost everyone prefers to order food and many restaurants and café readily deliver food to their customer’s doorsteps. Fast home delivery depends on food packaging design, and we need to offer good packaging designs.

Wrong packaging makes the meal less appetizing and ruins the experience for the customers. No business wants that. As your customers are not expecting their hot soup to arrive cold or they get a packaging that’s a mess.

Online food ordering and the requirement of the right packaging material in the right design has grown multifold. Many catering supplies in London provide uniquely designed food containers that meet the restaurants and cafés daily requirements of packaging material.

Importance of Food Packaging

There’s a lot of emphasis in providing the best customer experience, fast delivery and better packaging by cafe or restaurants. Better food packaging design helps you protect the food from outside contamination, protects it from messing up and maintain the correct meal temperature.

Right packaging means it’s capable of maintaining the desired food temperature. It’s compostable or biodegradable.

Wholesale café food suppliers play an important role in providing the right kind of packaging material for different kinds of café foods. Here’s how you can use packaging to your advantage -  

Food Packaging Design Tips

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1. Keep it Simple

While selecting the right packaging material, you must choose a simple design. Clarity and simplicity are an important aspect of packaging. Your customers will like simple packaging of the food.

2. Use Packaging Design for Marketing and Branding Purpose

Unique food packaging gives a different experience to your customers. The food packaging materials can be used well in establishing your brand image. As the first thing a customer looks at is the packaging of the food.

Restaurants can use this to their advantage by using the packaging material for branding and marketing purposes. Food packaging provides a great opportunity in differentiating a product and brand from its competitors.

3. It’s Important to Select the Right Packaging Material

The importance of selecting the right packaging material can’t be understated. Food packaging material is available in a variety of forms like – cardboard, boxboard, corrugated boxes, paper bags, plastics, paperboard cartons and styrofoam.

Every material has its own pros and cons. Styrofoam is great in maintaining the temperature of hot and cold food but are non-biodegradable. Hence, excessive usage of styrofoam is not good for the environment.

Plastic, when used as packaging material, proves to be great for preventing any leakage but plastic containers are non-biodegradable and plastics can leach harmful toxins in your food.

On the other hand, cardboards are biodegradable but are not suitable for wet food. You need to select and design the right food packaging material for your restaurant, based on what type of food it will carry and how long it will remain in packaging. 

4. Select Reusable, Recyclable and Biodegradable Packaging

As non-biodegradable materials are not good for our environment, restaurants and food delivery services should be mindful of using environment-friendly materials. Prioritizing recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging is good for the environment and leaves a nice impression on your customers.

Don’t let your business contribute to already existing enormous amount of waste we had on our earth. Look for ways in which you can use biodegradable packaging. Biodegradable packaging solution is worth considering.

Customers are also aware of the harmful effects of non-biodegradable packaging on the environment and they appreciate when the right kind of recyclable packaging is used by the restaurants.

5. Use Packaging Design to Communicate

The packaging gives an idea of where the food came from. The design should be an extension of your brand. Unique designs set your brand apart from the competition. The outer packaging, napkins all can be used for branding purpose.

Aim to provide a well-organized meal box or delivery package with beautifully printed marketing materials. Your customer will be able to recognize and remember your brand above the rest.


Packaging right makes your food arrive at the customer tasting and looking as amazing as it can be. Select design choices that can be a visual ambassador of your brand.

Selecting the right packaging and then using it well for branding and marketing purposes will certainly make your food and services stand-out.