Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Food Packaging

The world is treading towards a sustainable environment where every component is sustainable and eco-friendly. The international laws are also made to promote eco-friendliness in different commodities. Plastics have ruled the packaging sector for long but the paradigms are changing. With the demographics inclining towards eco-friendliness, eco-friendly packaging is making way as the mainstream packaging material. Using eco-friendly material is one of the conscious efforts that we can take towards a sustainable and clean future. While we know what eco-friendly means, many of us may not be aware of eco-friendly packaging. If you own a company that sells any kind of commodity, then you need to know about eco-friendly packaging. Given below are the details that will give you a clear understanding of it. 

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

If you are from the UK then you might be familiar with the concept as many food packaging suppliers in the UK use eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is the packaging that has a minimal negative impact on the environment across all the processes from sourcing, development, use, and disposal. In simpler words, eco-friendly packaging does not encourage the depletion of natural resources. 

What are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Packaging?

There are numerous benefits of using eco-friendly packaging. Some of them are:

1. Better Brand Image

With the increasing consciousness of people towards the environment, the demand for environment-friendly packaging is increasing. Companies can take benefit from the opportunity and redefine their brand image. Many food distributors in the UK have started using eco-friendly packaging to create a unique brand image in the market. Using an eco-friendly label on your package will give you a competitive edge. You can use an eco-friendly strategy to create a campaign and itch your brand name in the consumer's memory. 

2. Creative Packaging

You can go creative with your packaging choices. Use corrugated boxes to pack your food. You can design these boxes according to your marketing plan. Get the boxes of affordable size and design. Print the logo on the side and then use different sizes of boxes for different items. You can use these packages to create brand awareness.

3. Competitive Pricing

These packages used to be costly but not anymore. Thanks to the surge in the number of green packaging manufacturers which has brought down the overall price. New manufacturers are entering the market to satisfy the growing demand for such packages. Today you can easily find and fully compostable hot cups being used by top food and beverages companies. The substantial rise in online orders and food take-away culture has escalated the demand for such sustainable packaging, encouraging more manufacturers to join the race. Opting for eco-friendly packaging will not increase the overall cost. In fact, it can turn out to be cheaper.

What all Things can be Packed in Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Eco-friendly packaging materials are available for packing every type of material from solid to liquid. It is used in every industry including cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical, car parts, and food industry. Top beverage companies such as Starbucks are using eco-friendly packaging for packing hot beverages. Availability in varied shapes and materials is making these packaging materials an integral part of soft drinks trade and wholesale supplies also. Eco-friendly packaging is being very commonly used to take away and in food deliveries. 

How can We Transition to Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The transition cannot be abrupt. Take one step at a time and make a gradual change. 

  • Use the new packing for only some things at first. Use it and analyze the cost and efforts that you will have to bear to switch completely. 
  • Order samples of the products. Use them and see if they suit the purpose. Chalk out the shapes and sizes of the packaging that you would need. Enquire about the availability and pricing. 
  • Analyze the required volume of packaging material and the price you are willing to pay. After final analysis decides upon the company and material of the packaging. 

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