Key Christmas Soft Drink Trends for Restaurant and Hotels

Hardly any time is left for Christmas 2021, which means that people are already planning out their holidays, office parties, and get-togethers with friends. Holidays are when people forget about everything and rejoice in the festive vibes, often consuming exotic food and beverages in the name of celebrations. This is the time of the year time of the year when restaurants and hotels serve to delight their customers with creatively cooked delicacies while providing them with an unmatched dining experience.

Although the holiday season is when alcohol sales go up significantly, the latest trends indicate that most people plan to abstain from alcohol this year. For hospitality business owners, it means getting more creative with their non-alcoholic beverages to attract the maximum crowd and provide services that cater to everyone’s needs. Not only hotels and restaurants, but even the wholesale food suppliers for restaurants are constantly innovating to meet the consumer demands while keeping up with trends. So, if you are in the hospitality business, and wish to make big sales this holiday season, adopt the following soft drink trends and serve customers to their delight.

Creative Soft Drinks

People want something special to drink in the festival season, even if they are the designated drivers, and must stick to non-alcoholic beverages. They certainly won’t prefer spending at your hotel or restaurant if you offer them the same soft drinks available in the market, that too, at a higher price. As a hospitality business owner, you need to get creative with your drinks and presentations to upsell and ensure that people enjoy a better drinking experience. 

You can spice up the soft drinks by adding fruit flavours such as blueberries and blackberries, which are pretty popular this time of the year. Serving premium soft drinks with a little side helping is also a great way to boost sales. All in all, be crafty with your soft drinks menu by mixing and experimenting with the different concoctions and naming them in a way that goes with the holiday spirit. Remember to place an order for the most demanded soft drinks in bulk from nearby wholesale soft drinks suppliers in the UK, so that you don’t run short on supplies when the demand reaches its peak.

Mocktails With a Twist

Mocktails are a combination of different non-alcoholic drinks, fruit juices, soft drinks, iced tea, and other flavours that can mix well together. They are a great substitute for those planning to spend their holidays alcohol-free yet relish in the fun of every party or get-together they attend. To delight your patrons this holiday season, why not present even the mocktails with a twist. Instead of offering the regulars like Virgin Mary, Bellini, Virgin Sangria, Mojito, Shirley Temple and the likes, why not experiment with some new flavours and let your customers decide for themselves. You must also add some side snacks to compliment these new flavours to delight every person who visits you.

Tea-infused mocktails like the cucumber and thyme tea concoction have recently become quite popular, perfect for people who neither want to consume alcohol nor go for the highly sugary regular soft drinks. 

Mindful Consumption

Consumers today are drifting more towards expensive soft drinks if it means that they promise good quality and are resourced only from natural ingredients. Suffice to say that people are looking for healthy options in soft drinks that don’t pack in too much sugar. Hoteliers and restaurant owners might now need to look for options that provide the desired flavour, texture, sweetness and calorie count that the consumers want.

Consumers are also on the lookout for transparency in processes, with more focus on locally procured products. For hospitality businesses, especially hotels and restaurants, serving customers with soft drinks flavoured by seasonal fruits, having simple and sustainable processing, and availability in reusable packaging is a need of the hour. Consumers are now focussing on brands that can give back more than they take and prefer organic products over factory manufactured ones. It means that as a business, you need organic soft drink choices in your menu for the more nature conscious customer.

In a Nutshell

The holidays certainly call for much-needed celebrations with our loved ones, but with the changes seen in the past two years, society has become highly conscious of what it consumes. Self-help videos for concocting delicious beverages at home, more awareness for locally sourced products, and a high affinity for trying out different flavours have made it difficult for food business owners to meet the demands of their customers. To meet customers’ needs this festive season, you must only source your soft drinks and other beverages only from the best wholesale soft drinks suppliers in the UK. One such brand is London Catering supplies, where you get a myriad of food and beverage options sourced both locally and internationally. Get in touch to know more.