How to Inspirit Your Food Business with Takeaway During Lockdown

The COVID-19 outbreak has influenced nearly every sector, hospitality being one of them. The businesses in the hospitality industry are facing the challenge of going out of business. With no certainty regarding cure and containment of corona virus spread soon, the business such as restaurants are left with the choice of adopting the new environment. Food suppliers in London and other places are adopting new business models to revive their businesses during the COIVD-19 pandemic. The food businesses are witnessing a shut done in the dine-in trend, forcing them to focus on home deliveries. The high probabilities of corona virus transmission from a delivery person have opened the doors to a new era in the takeaway culture. While the public prefers to self-quarantine and stay at home, they look forward to picking up their orders instead of getting things home delivered to ensure safety.

Food businesses can make a lot of changes to enhance their business through takeaways, ensuring a running business and sustainability through the pandemic situation.

Open Pop-Up Kitchens

It will be wise to add a pop-up kitchen to your kitty and market it. In light of the increased attention towards hygiene and nutrition in food, the consumers are looking for fresh food. Pop up kitchens that provide freshly prepared on-order food is the need of the hour. Encourage people to order an hour before their mealtime and keep your menu impromptu. People are going to vouch for hot and fresh meals as per their choice.

Offer Interesting and Affordable Combos

Invest some time creating creative combo offers for people. The remote working culture has substantially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the people have least of time for cooking. This is expected to let the people reach put for budget food options. Restaurants can offer budget combos for families and the working population. Other options can be health food kits and creative corona virus specials. With the continued social distancing, the absence of cooks has created a major challenge for the elderly population. Meal combos especially for the elderly can be a great turn around for food businesses. The meal combos with drinks can turn out to the highlight of your offerings. Beverage distributors of the UK are collaborating with the food companies to revive their business during this pandemic situation. Drink suppliers in the UK are supervising the demand for beverage and food combos to focus on the most demanded drinks and increase its supply. The collaborative efforts of the food and beverage business is the need of the hour.

Introduce Smart Menus

Food businesses can focus on dishes that can be refrigerated as well as heated instead of the served-hot options that have been a rage in the dine-in culture. Changing the menu can be the smartest move of these businesses to save on their unnecessary expenditure. The extra food left at homes cab be refrigerated by the customers to be consumed later. You can choose the menu based on the easily available ingredients to further curtail the expenses on exotic buyouts. 

Invest On Tech Support

Technology has emerged as the major differentiator in the takeaway business. With the surge in the takeaway orders, businesses need to stay up to date. Enroll yourselves at the earliest on food order sites such as zomato to spread the information about your latest initiatives. Update your websites with the new offers to make it informative and lucrative. Since, nearly every restaurant will indulge in the takeaway business, you need to be on your toes. Make the waiting and payment for the takeaway fast to attend to maximum people. Robust technology will also aid in bringing higher customer satisfaction, leading to a loyal customer chain.

Get Creative in Marketing

Marketing will act as a major determinant in the growth of food businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Food businesses can create loyalty schemes to encourage customers to re-visit. Add points and cash rewards to loyalty schemes. Bring in value-added packs for regular customers. Initiate something like food subscriptions where customers get to chose a plan with a ready meal at a fixed hour every day. Food packaging suppliers of the UK and other regions have extended their support to the food companies in creating highly sustainable and creative food packaging to attract consumers.