How To Buy Groceries Safely During Coronavirus Pandemic

The whole world is going through something that we had never imagined in our wildest of fantasies. We’re reduced to a hopeless community with panic, uncertainty and sorrows becoming a part of our daily routine. Fortunately, the situation is improving in some parts of the world and hopefully, the world will become the place that it’s supposed to be, it deserves to be.

But till that time comes, we have no choice but to live differently. Among many things, a big impact has been made on the way we shop essential things such as groceries. Many people have a ton of questions that includes whether shopping can get them infected, whether food and food packaging can carry virus, etc. In this article, we’ll explain the best practices you need to follow when it comes to buying groceries. Let’s get started!

1. Buy Online

This might come as a surprise but buying online significantly reduces your chances of getting infected. There are several scientific reasons behind it. First of all, as you’re buying online, you’re not stepping out of your home, which itself reduces your chances of coming in contact with people. Another reason why online grocery shopping in the UK is a great idea is because when you’re in a grocery shop, you might not come in contact with people due to social distancing, but you could come in contact with many surfaces that include containers, door-handle, etc. Therefore, buying online is a safe option as you don’t come into contact with anything. And don’t forget to tip the delivery person well. They’re putting their lives on the line for you.

2. Stock Up

In the time of this pandemic, not matter how much you love Sunpride orange juice it’d be foolish to go out every second/third day to buy it. Leaving the juice part aside, you must try going out the least time you can and stock up the drinks with longer shelf life like Alpro Soya 'For Professionals'. Therefore, stocking up for four, five days or even a week is a logical choice. And don’t worry, the drink suppliers UK won’t let you run out of it!

3. When & Where to Go

There’s no denying that we need to go to buy groceries, despite knowing the risks involved. However, we can minimize the risks involved by choosing where and when to go. If there’s a grocery store that’s not much popular, then you should consider going there. But keep in mind that the shop must be taking enough precautions as far as disinfection is concerned. Another thing that is in your hand is the time you choose to go for grocery shopping. Why go at the time where there’s going to be a queue of people waiting at the counter? Early mornings and afternoon are the time when usually less people go for shopping. So, you must consider the time carefully as well.

4. Wear a Mask

Quite obvious, but quite necessary. Don’t go without a mask, just don’t.

5. Carry Your Own Bag

The carts and the baskets in shops might be touched by many people and therefore, you shouldn’t take any chance even if the probability of getting infected is quite less. Therefore, carry your own bag or two or even three!

6. Carry a Sanitizer and Use it

No matter how much we don’t want to touch things, we will have to come in contact with some things at some point. Therefore, you should always sanitize your hands as soon as coming in contact with any surface.

7. Shop With Your Eyes, Not Your Hands or Nose

No matter how much you love the smell of a fresh fruit, try to avoid touching food items as much as possible. Although it’s not been proven that food items carry the virus or not, it’s wise to touch things only if we need to buy.

8. Don’t Use Your Phone While in the Shop

Standing in a queue to buy grocery is not a fun experience by any means. And that’s when our hand slips into our pocket to scroll through our Instagram feed. Well, don’t do that as you’re going to touch some things and if they’re infected, you might carry virus at your home. If possible, leave your phone at home so that you don’t have to resist yourself.

Final Word

It’s not an easy time for any of us but you’re lucky if you haven’t been infected. And we bet that you want it to remain that way. Therefore, these little things, while doing grocery shopping will help you stay away from getting infected. Remember, Corona virus won’t come to you unless you go to it.