Common Packaging Mistakes That We Must Avoid

Packaging plays a vital role in the sales and marketing of any goods. While creative and good packaging can increase market sales, poor packaging can result in loss of revenue and can have a negative influence on the brand image. Attractive packaging lures us towards any product whereas a shabbily packed material may lose its market in spite of its good quality. Packaging design acts as the bridge between the manufacturer and the consumer. Many companies even strategize their marketing agendas based on packaging. Basically, packaging may be just a mere process for you but it is a medium through which customers interact with your brand. So, it is recommended to always stay updated and alert when it comes to packaging.

Many times, we commit certain packaging mistakes which ideally should be avoided. Let us take a look into them:

1. We Neglect the Environment

The demographics are growing eco-friendly every day and every organization has to consider the impact of packaging on the environment. Statistics suggest that customers are growing inclined and loyal to the companies that support the causes related to social issues or the environment. You can be committing packaging mistakes by either over packaging or using non-bio-degradable packaging material. Both can give out the wrong message. So, say no to wasteful packaging and go for compact and sustainable options. Many wholesale cafe food suppliers are now branding themselves as eco-friendly companies to scale their market sales and audience. Overpackaging is eyed as waste packaging by the consumers. So, it is best to avoid it and go optimum. 

2. Under and Overprotection

Packaging any product is important and should be done according to the requirement of the product. We cannot have one same norm for every product. Under-packaging will give away if the product is mishandled and then all you get is the damage to the product and the reputation. Overprotection may end up in customers frustrated in opening the product. Both should be avoided. The packaging is about creating a brand image and every company should be very particular about it. Companies should prepare different kinds of packaging for different products such a bubble wrap packaging for fragile material and so on. It is important to be mindful of the customer experience to develop a loyal customer segment. Many food distributors in London are channelizing their market sales with optimized and easy packaging.

3. Misleading Labels

With the consumers growing more conscious about the labelling, the companies need to be more transparent. Gone are the days when you mislead the companies and increased the sales of your products by mentioning attractive and false information about your product. In this age of the internet, every information is easily accessible and only transparency can bring you customer loyalty. Lately, the consumers are even filing cases in case a product label gives out false information. There have been many product recalls in the past and we need to learn from it. Disclose the ingredients, the material of the packaging, and stay honest with the consumers. 

4. Hiding the Legal Requirements

The other factor with labelling is the legal requirement. Do not let any suspicion arise in the consumer's mind because that will hamper your brand image. Specify every legal requirement such as the country of origin, your identity, warnings, and allergens. Warning and allergens do have a positive impact on the customers as they can trust you with your product. When it comes to consumables, highlighting the legal aspects is very important. Have label management in place to avoid any kind of labelling mistakes. Create a labelling trademark for your company and let the culture grow. Your labelling can make or break your market image.

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