Christmas is Coming, So Get The Wholesale Food Packaging You Need!

Christmas is the time for frivolities and celebrations, of a little drama and the much-needed fun, of feeling special and making everyone around you feel happy and special. It is also that time of the year when fitness geeks forget about their strict diet for a week and delve into their favourite delicacies either at home or at their preferred food joints. Christmas time is pure bliss for foodies who always yearn to try some new flavours at a famous bistro, in their kitchen or just at the café ‘round the corner.

Christmas time means much more business for food-based enterprises who must get innovative with their recipes to offer customers something new and unique. If you are a food wholesaler, you might not be able to distinguish yourself in terms of products, but you can make some changes to the packaging to set an example and be ahead of the competition. Giving out freebies to retailers or special discount coupons is a thing of the past, now is the time to get creative with your packaging and here’s how you can do it.

When you order wholesale food packaging containersyou won’t have much choice in how you design them, as they might go to waste when the holiday season ends. It’s best to offer your customers unique packaging that you and your customers can use even after Christmas. Here are the quirky wholesale food packaging ideas you can follow this holiday season.

Gift-Wrap Bags

Rather than just giving them food in regular packaging, you can wrap the satco plastic containers in colourful gift-wrap bags so that your customers can relish the festive spirit even while ordering food after a tiring day. You can easily order these gift wrap bags in bulk and use them for Christmas and New year to distinguish your brand from the competition. You can take it a step up and make things easier by ordering transparent yet decorative gift-wrapping paper and using it to decorate your wholesale packaging boxes. It will help you in getting an edge over the competition.

Kraft Paper Gift Boxes

Paper and cardboard packaging has been gaining wide popularity, especially since the consumers have become highly environment-conscious nowadays. This festive season, why not introduce Kraft paper boxes to package different food items for your customers. To add to the fun, buy them in different shapes and styles such as rectangular and triangle-shaped boxes, tubes or even round-hexagonal shaped boxes so that they look like Christmas gifts. Since kraft paper is already made from recycled material, your customers won’t have to worry about the environment. 

Unique Prints

Printing the New Years’ calendar on the top of your packaging boxes or adding thoughtful quotes and unique food recipes can be fun for your customers. They’d be instantly attracted to your packaging and will be automatically lured to buy many more food items than they initially planned. What’s best is that you can order these in bulk from your food packaging supplier and use them throughout the next year too.

Reusable Packaging

This Christmas, why not offer your customers reusable packaging boxes such as metal cans, high-grade, heavy-duty cartons, pallet boxes, multiwall bags, etc. Whether your customers are small food business owners or consumers, they’ll be more than delighted to have their food items packaged in something that doesn’t just go into the trash. You could also go for double packaging with a decorative outer package that the customers can use for re-wrapping their presents. Get your brand name or logo subtly added to the decorative outer packaging, and you’ll have free marketing from your existing clientele. 

Special Christmas Packages

If you can go the extra mile to delight your customers this Christmas, why not order special packaging to wrap up the food items during the week before the festive day. It will save your customers the hassle of gift wrapping your delicacies for gifting to their family and friends. Packaging boxes in different designs, unique styles, embossed logos or artwork, or packaging in different shapes symbolic of the festival can also be used to please the customer and relish in the festive spirit. All in all, you can do several experiments with your packaging this Christmas to get the customers excited about the delicacies you offer, along with the surprise you have for them in the form of unique packaging.

In a Nutshell

Christmas is the last grand holiday of the year where you can bid adieu to the year in style. And when you have the opportunity, why not incorporate the Christmas spirit in your food packaging, too, especially if you are a food wholesaler in the UK. You can easily procure some great food packaging material, including bags, wraps and boxes at any of the best food packaging suppliers in the UK.  Before deciding to all out on your packaging, remember to make sure that the packets serve their purpose of storing food and keeping it hygienic for your customers. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.