Boost Your Immune System with Fresh Drinks & Beverages During Covid-19

Our immune system is known to do a great job when it comes to protecting us against diseases caused by different types of microorganisms. The COVID-19 pandemic has opened the door to vulnerabilities. With no drugs and vaccines around, immunity has surfaced as the only factor lies in our hands. Fresh drinks and beverages are recommended for boosting immunity to fight the corona virus.

Drink Loads of Water to Stay Hydrated

Drinks section stays empty without mention of water. Water is the essential component regardless of flavors added to it. 8 glasses of water are recommenced to be drunk every day. These specifications have become important in the COIVD-19 pandemic to maintain the healthy functioning of the body and its immunity. The daily water intake milestone can be easily achieved with the addition of interesting ingredients such as cucumber and lemon as detox ingredients.

  • Strawberry, lime, cucumber, and mint in water is a very popular combination that is heaped up with sources of antioxidants and nutrients. Naturally flavored water without additives and preservatives is a great way to enhance water intake.
  • Honey water is the other popular mix that is generally consumed in the many households early in the morning. It is a great practice as honey acts as the natural flu and cold fighter. With no time from household work, honey water can be your quick remedy for a health drink.

Increase Your Citrus Intake

Vitamin C is known to have immune-boosting properties. Citrus fruits such as lime and orange are great natural sources of vitamin C. Instead of buying drinks flavored with extracts of these fruits, it better to make or buy fresh juices and drinks. Just squishing some line in a glass of water and drinking will have a profound effect on the immunity.

 Different beverages companies such as sun pride are offering sunpride orange juices and other citrus products during the pandemic to benefit from the augmenting awareness regarding immunity and health.

Add-On Ginger in Your Drinks

The remote working population in this pandemic is constantly looking out for the hot drinks that can be mixed with taste and health. Ginger offers numerous health benefits including the essentials to boost immunity and digestion.  Ginger tea is one of the most favorite drinks making rounds in every household. With an increasing demand for these immunity boosters, the retail and online stores are brimming with dry ginger ale in Canada and the UK. The strong flavor of ginger in these drinks is gaining rapid popularity in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make Carrots a Daily Routine

Carrots are a rich source of antioxidants that fight aging and other skin problems. They counteract the impact of free radicals in the body that hold the potential to damage the cells of the body. They fight against different diseases and allergy-causing viruses. Eating carrot is one great option that also adds to the roughage content. However, carrot juices let you have more than one carrot at a time which aptly serves the purpose of boosting the immunity during this time of COVID-19 crisis.

Try Innovative Options Like Turmeric Latte

Spices such as turmeric and cinnamon are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and significantly boost immunity. Turmeric mix is in the trend with people exhibiting their love for these rich looking drinks over social media. Besides being an immunity booster, these drinks keep you away from sugar-loaded drinks like café frappes.

Chill Out With Mock Tails

Brighten up your mood and day with your favorite mock tails. The chilled mock tail can be your break from the regular household and work activities. Fresh mint, lime juice, and sparkling water have their health benefits and taste.

  • The combination of ginger, lemon and pomegranate is another combo to look forward to.  Filled with nutrients and flavor, this can the ideal family health drink during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regarded as a favorite in summers, this drink can be your best companion for dinners.

The growing demand for immunity boosting drinks has compelled the wholesale soft drink suppliers of the UK to include health drinks in their products. They are coming up with different products such as frozen fruit extracts to be mixed with drinks and products like alpro soya for the professional and working population.