Wrapmaster Duo Cling Film & Foil Dispenser

Wrapmaster Duo Cling Film & Foil Dispenser

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Size: 180(H) x 585(W) x 245(D)mm

This innovative Wrapmaster Duo dispenser unit may be loaded with any combination of compatible foils, baking parchments or cling film. Capable of loading either a combination of two different products or two of the same product (for high volume use), this dispenser will help save 40% of bench space which is usually taken up by the use of two units simultaneously.

The unit benefits from Wrapmasters "push to cut" safety blade, providing a clean, tangle free cut every time, helping to save up to 35% on waste when compared with not using a dispenser. Featuring removable non-slip feet and a lockable lid, this dispenser can be stored away neatly and cleaned by hand or machine up to 90°C (194°F). Please note that only Wrapmaster re-fills will fit this dispenser.

Please note that only Wrapmaster refills will fit this dispenser.

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