White Vinegar

White Vinegar

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If you will put a bottle of white vinegar handy in your kitchen, the bottle is going to be useful in many ways than you can think of. White vinegar is useful for many purposes; cooking, cleaning, baking, weed control, and many more. White vinegar normally consists of 4-7% acetic acid and the rest percentage of water.

White Vinegar- A traditional Cleaning solution

White vinegar has the property of cleaning and descaling properties. White vinegar is the best traditional cleaning solution as it does not contain any coloring agent. The acidity level of white vinegar also makes it an everyday multipurpose cleaner.

Things you can clean with White Vinegar

First, you need to make a mixture of white vinegar with water in an equal ratio. The mixture then can be used to clean windows and glass. You can apply the mixture to the sponge to clean the windows. If you want to have a better deal while purchasing white vinegar, then White vinegar 5ltr is the best deal for you. Keep in mind to not use white vinegar on marble and stones.

white vinegar 5l has the property of losing mineral deposits and that makes it a perfect ingredient for cleaning the bathroom.

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