Sunpride Orange Juice (12x1ltr)

Sunpride Orange Juice (12x1ltr)

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Sunpride Orange Juice Distributor

Soft drinks are a good choice and are liked by people of all age groups. London Catering Supplies are food wholesalers in London. Get the wholesale supply of this orange juice to capture the flavour.

Sunpride orange juice is 100% orange juice from concentrate. It’s the finest orange juice and comes in tetra pack. Every 200 ml of Sunpride orange juice contains – 92.5% calories, 20.8 g sugar, 23% fat.

Pure Sunpride Orange Juice in the UK

Stock your beverages from London Catering Supplies in the UK. Order Sunpride orange juice in bulk from us. Among all the options available in soft drinks category, most of the customers prefer fruit juices. Purchase Sunpride orange juice and discover the finest orange juice from the sub-tropical groves of The Americas.

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