Solo Bistro Single Wall Cups (4-20oz)

Solo Bistro Single Wall Cups (4-20oz)

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Size:               Quantity:
4oz                  1000
8oz                  1000
10oz                1000
12oz                1000
16oz                1000
20oz                600

Solo Bistro Paper Hot Cups (4-20oz)

The Bistro Single Wall Cups are manufactured from premium food grade cardboard and is poly-coated inside. Available in 6 different sizes, to be used in conjunction with our white and black plastic lids.

4oz     SKU: PAC201                
8oz     SKU: PAC202                
10oz   SKU: PAC203               
12oz   SKU: PAC204
16oz   SKU: PAC205
20oz   SKU: PAC206

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