Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale (200ml)

Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale (200ml)

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Canada Dry Ginger Ale is a Better Choice

There are so many options available in the soft drinks section to choose from but if you’re a café or restaurant owner you did want to stock all the favorite soft drinks choices that your customer might want to have. Canada dry ginger ale makes a better choice.

Why it’s Better?

Canada dry ginger ale provides per 8 oz serving, 90 calories and 25 g of carbohydrates, all its calories comes from sugar, i.e. approximately 24 g. This gives you instant bursts of energy despite being a non-caffeinated drink.

Canada dry ginger ale contains a ginger extract that’s good and used in the treatment of diarrhoea, colic, arthritis, and heart conditions. The health benefits that come from ginger ale makes it a better alternative to soft drinks. Despite being beneficial for health it should be used in moderation. As too much consumption of ginger ale will increase calories.

Get Easy and Quick Supplies of Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the UK

Schweppes Canada dry ginger ale comes from the Schweppes mixers range. You can enjoy it on its own or mix it with alcohol or fruit juice. London Catering Supplies provides stocks of Schweppes Canada dry ginger ale in the UK. If you want to stock it, just add the required quantity in the cart and place your order with us.

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