Alpro Soya for Professionals (12x1ltr)

Alpro Soya for Professionals (12x1ltr)

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Alpro Soya for Professionals

Alpro offers a plant-based soya alternative of milk. Alpro soya for professionals is specially blended for coffee. Make perfect cappuccinos and lattes with Alpro’s soya milk and get high-quality microfoam with consistent workability. Professional delivery is guaranteed to your customers from the barista.

Alpro Soya for Professionals in the UK

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Alpro soya for professionals contains soya and is lactose and dairy free. It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The ingredients are – water, hulled soya beans 8.7%, apple extracts, acidity regulators, calcium, sea salt, Gellan gum as a stabiliser, Vitamins (Riboflavin B2, B12, D2). Make coffee, iced coffee, or a smoothie with Alpro soya for professionals.

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